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Teachers’ Educational Resources

*There is a modified version of these resources on our Kid-Friendly Resource page.

Sea Turtle & Conservation Books

Reading is Fundamental Story Sampler:
An excellent resource created on a book-based thematic approach for ages 5-12. The site offers suggestions for sea turtle stories exploring pre-activities, hands-on activities and community action.

Sea World provides a list of books for young readers:
Printable poem, “The Turtle Tale

Sea Turtle, Inc has a list of books for all ages

NOAA has a free online book in English and Hawaiian:

Ocean Conservancy
has a free download (34 Pages) English/Spanish coloring book with detailed turtle facts and conservation practices.

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Sea Turtle Information & Lesson Plans

Academic Kids (for older kids)has general information on sea turtles. Embedded within the text is relevant vocabulary that links directly to a definition.

Bridge has many links that relate to ocean and marine life topics and lesson plans for K-12
Bridge, in conjunction with Marine-education, designed as a “Middle and High School Classroom Resource” has National Science Education Correlation Standards, along with “Survivor” sea turtle learning activities.

The Caribbean Conservation Corporation has been teaching the world about sea turtles for many years and provides many sea turtle facts and photos and a free online educational guide on sea turtle migration and satellite tracking. 

Cornish, Jim, “Elementary Themes” featured in Classroom Connect is a Sea Turtle resource for elementary teachers with links for lessons, themes, and activities.

Conservation International provides many resources and also works with State of the World’s Sea Turtles (S.W.O.T ) to publish scientific turtle data from around the world:
Search/ Results.aspx?k=sea%20turtles

EuroTurtle: Frequently asked questions about sea turtles:
Also, available in different languages:

The Great Turtle Race is a fun site that focuses the Leatherback sea turtle with interactive games, lesson plans, vocabulary and educational resources. For class K-5 see

Geocities provides some hands-on activities:

National Geographic offers free teacher lessons and material & specific lessons on Leatherbacks:

National Marine Fisheries Service: “The Kid’s Time” has information on all species of sea turtles

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association NOAA has wonderful resources for all videos and materials about the ocean
Accredited lesson plan for grades 2-8 focusing on the threats hatchling turtles face and survival of the species: “Endangered Marine Turtles” with game, “The Race”

Ocean Live has videos about the ocean. To find a video of the Loggerhead sea turtle look under archived videos.

PBS offers lessons plans prepared for different age groups. PBS movie Voyage of the Lonely Turtle complements these lessons

Save the Turtles, Inc (yes, this is us) and we have great photos, sea turtle information and our education global connection.

San Diego Zoo: Activities for grades 6-9 learn about bio-diversity, saving energy and ecological footprint.

This link defines the difference between turtle, tortoise and terrapin:

Sea Turtle, Inc is an interactive site in Spanish/ English, and you can click on a turtle species and learn more information

Sea Turtle Organization: Great resource for turtle information, the Marine News letter, information on the Annual Turtle Symposiums, and a wonderful image library:

Sea Turtle Restoration Project is a rich and diverse website, full of political action for conservation, as well as a lesson plans, free educational fact sheets and suggested readings:

Sea Turtle Webquest provides many links and sea turtle information. Scavenger hunt (can be geared to higher grade levels)

Sea World:

University of South Florida & Florida Marine Research Institute: “Project Oceanography” has sea turtle lessons with objectives across the curriculum.  Advanced levels:(science and math)

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Endangered Species

National Geographic: Accredited lesson plan on Endangered Species (offers K-12)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Endangered Species Program:

International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources:

CLN offers many themes and lessons plans.

World Wildlife:

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Global Warming: effects on sea turtles, oceans and beaches

Environmental Protection Agency:

National Geographic:
xpeditions/ lessons/08/g68/seatoshiningsea2.html

Seed Magazine:


National Wildlife Magazine:

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General Resources

National Geographic
has a wonderful interactive time line: This is a fabulous site, bringing students into the different time periods and allows them to view animals in 3D!

Division of Fish and Wildlife…Government of the Virgin Islands: Excellent graphic which can be enlarged to show sea turtle anatomy such as scutes, carapace, prefrontal scales, etc. “Identification Key of Sea Turtles of Americas”

Extinction resources: Photos and information

Conservation International explores the problems sea turrles face due to plastic debris.

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Interactive Games & Quizzes

NOAA has fantastic, amazing interactive games on many levels to learn about sea turtles' survival.

Save the Turtles, Inc. (our website) has some cool hangman interactive, fun games (includes vocabulary/definitions necessary to win). Also on site is a puzzle.

Caribbean Conservation Corporation:
Games & Quizzes:

National Geographic:  “Turtles in Trouble” illustrates the threats to sea turtle survival

Euroturtle demonstrates the cycle of life, and the threats sea turtles face:
; interactive tool for learning biology of the turtle:
; game whereby you can choose what happens next with the sea turtles::

Sea World: “A Calculating Turtle Tale” Use your calculator to complete this turtle story!


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